Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is Pitch to Win?
Pitch to Win is a competition for small business owners that delivers big rewards.
+ What can you win?
The winner will receive $10,000 in non-dilutive grant awards for their business, and an opportunity to virtually meet with experience business consultants. The consultants will answer your most pressing questions about marketing, growing and running your company. The winner may also be featured in Nationwide press releases, websites, social media channels or other media channels.
+ What is a non-dilutive grant?
A non-dilutive grant is a type of financing for a business where the business receiving the money does not give away any ownership of the company, and no repayment is required.
+ How do I enter the contest?

Business owner must apply online between January 30 and March 26, 2020 at A panel of judges will review and assess all applications based on the Official Rules and these three main judging criteria:

  1. Your business: Which business owner best meets a real need in the marketplace through a unique product(s) and/or service?
  2. Your story: Which business owner has best communicated their story regarding why they decided to start their business?
  3. Your pitch: Which business owner has the most compelling concept for how they would use $100,000 to take their company to the next level?
+ Who can apply?

The Pitch to Win contest is open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, except where prohibited, who:

  1. is 18 years of age or have reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence at the time of entry, whichever is greater;
  2. is legally able to work in the United States;
  3. is able to provide reasonable proof of being an owner or affiliate of a legally operating small business that is not a franchise and has under 500 employees
  4. is not a current employee of Nationwide;
  5. is not an authorized Nationwide reseller or a Nationwide investment partner;
  6. own a business that is currently active, lawful, and has all necessary and required licenses and registrations. All requirements must be maintained through the end of the Contest;
  7. own a business whose primary purpose is not in competition with Nationwide; and who
  8. owns a business that is not under bankruptcy protection or has judicial liens or attachments.
See the Official Rules for additional details.
+ What is the deadline to submit my materials?
All materials should be submitted by the contest close date of Tuesday, March 31, 2020.
+ When will I know if I won the Pitch to Win contest?
The winners will be notified about two-three weeks after the contest close date, or between April 15-29.
+ When will Nationwide contact my customer references?
If Nationwide contacts your references, we will do so about 1-2 weeks after the contest close date. Only references of the top entrants will be contacted.
+ What content should I include in my elevator pitch video?
Your video submission should highlight the best of your business and focus on answering a key question: Why should you be selected as a finalist for Nationwide and BlueVine’s Pitch to Win contest? Briefly explain what your product or service is, who your customers are and how you deliver value. Expand on how you would use the grant to benefit your business. Use the video format to convey the energy and enthusiasm you, your employees and your customers have for your business.
+ How should I format my elevator pitch video?
Your video should be short in length, about 30-45 seconds long, and should be saved using the mp4 video format.
+ What types of images should I submit?
We are interested in seeing any photos or graphics that highlight your business. Share images of your business in action, for example physical locations, yourself or your employees at work or your product or service on display or in-use. Do you have logos, design or marketing materials that showcase the business? Share those as well!
If you decide to include photos of employees and/or customers, please make sure you have the appropriate releases for the photos. Photos submitted will become the property of the contest promoters and will not be returned.
+ Why are you doing this?
Access to capital is critical for small-business owners. Nationwide is dedicated to helping small business owners take big steps in securing their futures. Initiatives like Pitch to Win help us show our support of small businesses.