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Selling Online

Selling products and services online has become commonplace today with millions of small business owners experiencing exposure that they would not otherwise realize without the power of the internet. The online marketplace allows companies of all sizes to promote themselves to an audience around the globe. While the idea of selling online may seem simple, there are a few other intricacies involved, such as setting up a website and payment portal, providing exceptional customer service, and establishing a return policy (if applicable).

Getting Started

  • How Your Website Helps Your Company - A website serves as a 24/7 marketplace where customers can learn more about a business or product.
  • Purchasing a Domain Name - Choosing a domain name is just the first step to realizing success online; selecting a simple and memorable URL is crucial.
  • Choosing a Web Hosting Service - Web hosting services offer a variety of features and price points to choose from depending on an individual site’s needs.
  • Understanding Site Design - A website serves as the showcase for any business or storefront; that’s why it is important that a website can provide all of the information needed right at the visitors' fingertips and also provide a user-friendly design.
  • Getting Started in E-Commerce - Online shopping carts allow for a website to make sales 24/7 without having an actual person manning the storefront.

Optimizing Your Site

Promoting Your Site

Staying Secure

  • Securing Your Company’s Website - An e-commerce site under attack could lose business and inflict reputational damage on a company. By completing a few simple steps you can ensure that a company’s website is protected against hackers.
  • Protecting Your Company Blog from Hackers - Performing frequent updates of a blogging platform and regularly backing up content are just a few of the top ways to protect a blog against hackers.

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