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Facebook Makes it Easier to Create Mobile Video Ads

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Facebook Makes it Easier to Create Mobile Video Ads

Facebook Makes it Easier to Create Mobile Video Ads

Mobile video continues to be a key way for businesses to reach consumers on social media platforms like Facebook, as smartphones remain a staple of life for many people in 2019. According to digital tech company PubMatic, video ads reached new milestones earlier this year.

Image via Pubmatic

As people consume more video ads, Facebook continues to tweak its offerings for advertisers. Last year, the company launched its Video Creation Kit as a tool to help advertisers make better video ads by way of converting static images and text into mobile-optimized video. Building upon this technology, the social media giant recently announced that businesses can further customize, automate, and improve workflow with the tool.

With the new features, advertisers can automatically turn a single video into multiple videos with different aspect ratios so they'll be optimized for different types of placements, such as news feed and "Stories" ads. The company says businesses will be able to save time by creating various versions of videos for different placements without the need to shoot additional content or manually edit existing videos.

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Having the right format can go a long way when it comes to grabbing the consumer's attention on their mobile device.

"In addition to changing the way we consume, mobile phones have also started to influence the way we create video content," says Mike Clum at Wordstream. "The majority of videos recorded on mobile devices today are being shot in an upright format known as vertical video. It’s a trend that has led many brands to create vertical advertisements intended for platforms such as Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and even Facebook. Using this vertical format enables marketers to get engaging content in front of modern customers and minimize on-screen distractions."

Facebook has also added new templates to the Video Creation Kit, which will give businesses more presentation options and the ability to find formats that will better suit their needs. This includes a new, single-image template that takes a static image and adds motion as a way to capture the audience's attention. In addition to new templates, Facebook has added 20 new font options and stickers, providing advertisers with even more customization options.

Advertisers can use holiday and event-specific stickers with their videos to correspond with a particular occasion. There are stickers for Easter and Mother’s Day, with summer vacation and back-to-school ones on the way. The stickers can be accessed from the Effects tab within the Video Creation Kit.

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Another new change is the ability to save drafts of your videos. Previously, you had to complete your video during one creation session, but now you can save your draft and come back to it later if you aren't able to finish it right away.

In addition to the new video ad creation tools, Facebook also launched updates to ads about social issues, elections, and politics. These include new authorization and transparency tools, which the company says are designed to "protect the integrity of elections."

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